Habakkuk 2:3

For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end fulfillment; it will not deceive or disappoint. Though it tarry, wait earnestly for it, because it will surely come; it will not be behindhand on its appointed day.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life is but a blink of the eyelashes.

So crazy to think about a lifetime, one life, and how short it really is. Seriously, let your perspective shift. At school we've been talking about heaven and how wondrous it's going to be (I love how we can talk about that at school), and the whole vastness of it. We even dreamed up some things, such as fountains of chocolate and perfect bodies along with perfect everything. But it's going to be even better than that. SO much better than ANYTHING our little pea brains can imagine! Just talking about worshiping God and being with him in intimacy for eternity injects giddiness and excitement into my very being! =)

Next month I'm going to be eighteen. the Big ONE EIGHT. 18! CA-RAZY. I will finally be qualified as an adult. No longer baby Krista, although I don't mind people still calling me that, but nonetheless. Legally, I will be able to be on my own. This tiny realization has brought me to cherish life even more.
Even the little things I've begun to realize. I love how I can come home, and there is always some sort of musical harmony floating through the air. Whether it be my dad playing the guitar, flowing on the piano, live worship at IHOP playing on God TV, some sort of CD singing out of the player, or just simply my Pandora playlist serenading the very atmosphere of my room.
I love how in a quiet classroom, Abigail and I can hear one off/odd sound and turn to look at each other and smile, when no one else seems to notice.
I love how I can blare Flame in the car and feel like the greatest B.A. thug rapper to have ever driven a Toyota Matrix.
Here's some lyrics that made me pumped-

"Man I'm trying to lift Him high
Higher than the stars
I am not of this world like I'm from the planet mars
I love to preach Jesus you can read it in my bars
I'm pretty straight forward when I'm speaking bout my Lord
He paid the sin price being beat by Roman guards
But when He resurrected gave us life free of charge
Now me and my boys need to be in the phych ward
Cause we went crazy for God our lives was scarred"
Although, I know I am VERY white, and embarrassed when I look over at a stoplight to see the person next to me staring at me. Like I'm from the planet mars.
I love how I can have the worst day, where everything seems to go wrong, and walk into my room at the Boys and Girls club and have little Ramona and Annabella race to see who can hug me first. It's precious little hand drawn flowers by them that can completely change my mood.
I love how worship can restore a hurting heart, a sad day, or a wronged circumstance. I can just walk into Breakthrough, forget everything that happened that week, and find such a peace that is healing to the soul. Sometimes it feels like I can't bow low enough...
I love how we can discuss things like heaven, compassion for the poor, ways to act, or just simply how great our God is in Bible class. I LOVE that we even have a Bible class! I love how we can stop what we're doing and pray together for our day. I too often take that for granted.
I love how my mom is so wise in the Holy Spirit. Jesus just oozes out of that woman. It's ridiculous. I love how I can walk down the hall and run into her where she proceeds to say in a high pitched voice "Kristaaaa my loveee!" and squeeze the life out of me. Embarrassing many a time, yes, but I've LEARNED to love it.
MY LIFE IS ABUNDANT IN BLESSINGS! This is a statement I need to remind myself. Daily. How selfish we become in this materialistic world, always comparing with others or looking for something MORE we "need". "Need" my butt. It's a want.
So look around you! Notice the small things that add just a little bit of joy to your day. Then remember them, so you can hold onto that joy. I always hold onto the fact that
God is forever with me, forever forgiving, and forever loving me. little unworthy
Krista Joy Kintner.
and You as well my friend.

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