Habakkuk 2:3

For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end fulfillment; it will not deceive or disappoint. Though it tarry, wait earnestly for it, because it will surely come; it will not be behindhand on its appointed day.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Astair. You're glare is killing me.

Comfortably sitting on my bed Indian style wondering to myself how my closet might look if it wasn't throwing up clothes on the ground... In English we read a comparison/contrast article on Messy people versus Neat people. I loved it. He said that neat people don't even care about what they throw away, all they want is the end result. But Messy people really do intend to clean up those clothes on the ground, or those papers strewn across the table. They just care deeply about each little detail of each item, so it takes time to get to throwing things away. WE messy people hang on to that Birthday card from your grandma on your 4th birthday.
Then in Home Ec, we found yet ANOTHER way to cook a potato. I know it's only the second day...but come on, I'm done with mashing, boiling and sticking 'em in a stew.
Had a funny time discussing who would get married first out of our 5 senior girl group at Liberty..I was nominated to be LAST. Why might I ask? They just proceeded to laugh...and we decided that my husband would be the next man to walk into starbucks, which turned out to be this extremely good looking Orlando Bloom impersonator....or close enough. =)

My poor car window got fixed today! I can finally roll it up and down without looking like an idiot trying to pull it back into place. My baby is back...however, my owl cd is stuck in the player. I feel like He's falling apart on me! He exaggerates when I gently tap my foot on the gas, and He refuses to spit my cd out. It's okay, I love him. He's stubborn, just like me.

I finished "Hinds feet in High Places" yesterday. SO amazing. It's like your reading about yourself...all the trials. The ups and downs following the Sheperd. And in the end He sticks to His promise of transforming you, so that you may enter the Kingdom of Love, and follow Him up the mountains with ease! I personally think everyone should read it.

-I think I'm officially getting over my sickness. and moving on from the past...
-My painting of a tree is looking more and more like I envisioned everyday...
JOHN MARK MCMILLAN IS GOING TO CREATION FEST! ahh. This little bit of news makes me desperately want to go this year. Except its in stupid Everett...Nae and I agree that whoever decided on that should be fired...Donald Trump style.

Music.music.music. Here's some thats delightful to the ears and some soothing to the heart-
  • Scythian Empires- Andrew Bird
  • On the Radio- Regina Spektor
  • The Story I heard- Blind Pilot
  • Blow Away- A Fine Frenzy
  • Right as Rain (live)- Adele
  • Caroline- Noah Gunderson
  • I'll love you so- Above the Golden State
  • Ashes and Flames- John Mark Mcmillan
  • Skeleton Bones- John Mark Mcmillan
  • Cold December- Matt Costa
  • Hallelujiah- Bethany Dillon
  • Orphan's Song- Enter the Worship Circle
  • Heaven Song- Phil Wickham
and I didn't expect This song to be any good, but it proved me wrong. And it donated money to the Red Cross for Haiti's relief fund! So why not.
->>>> Hallelujiah(feat. Charlie Sexton)- Justin Timberlake
Listening to the Rain drip outside my window with pandora playing the music of my heart's desire. Relaxation at it's finest.

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