Habakkuk 2:3

For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end fulfillment; it will not deceive or disappoint. Though it tarry, wait earnestly for it, because it will surely come; it will not be behindhand on its appointed day.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring in Seattle.

Ah, Hello Blog. It's been a while hasn't it?
Sorry I haven't talked to you, things have just been a little crazy!
The good kind of crazy.
So spring break came upon us, and what else is better to do then drive off to your favorite city with your best friend and mom!?

We left on thursday and the first thing on our agenda was to tour SPU for my dear friend Abigail. Seattle Pacific University (just so you know what it stands for.) She's trying to decide between SPU and Whitworth (which we all know I'm rooting for Seattle), but we'll see where God takes her. The campus was Absolutely gorgeous! It seriously made me want to go there. The comfortable neighborhood surrounding it, with blooming cherry blossoms and yet, not far from walking distance into the bustling city of Seattle. The dorms were, well, far from tiny. Ginormous is more like it, one even had a couch along with a flat TV screen.
That night we went to my favorite restaurant in seattle, ICON grill. They have the best calamari and grilled mac n' cheese in the world. We also had to introduce Abby into the "Mother Sundae".
It is, the most delectable dessert, you will ever have. A huge plate of vanilla ice cream with a cookie cone turned upside down, that the waitress turns and pours hot chocolate fudge out of all over your mountain of deliciousness.
Then you have your choice of toppings: strawberries, m&ms, sugar walnuts, and whip cream.
The crazy thing is, later we heard on the news that the cement decorations outside, above ICON, fell down on someone the next day! They had to close it for the day. Thank you Jesus for letting us go and enjoy that experience!

Then the funny stuff happened. So we're following Nellie,(my new found friend of a GPS, thank you papa for her) to my friend Andrea's place where we were going to stay. And we make it there, or so we think, while my mother and I are about to pee our pants, which always seems to happen to her at the most inconvenient of times.
So, what we didnt know, was that that the apartments had like 5 different sections, each with different letters.
We climbed up section C, to the number that Dre had told us was hers, and I called her to ask if she had a garbage and skateboard in front of it, she laughed and proceeded to say yes.
So, we opened up the door to find a small child standing to our left in a room, and a dog racing out, barking at us.
I was confused and thought to myself, since when did Dre have a dog?
The little girl just blinked and stared at us. She didn't even protest that there were strangers in her hallway!
My mom marched right in, but then we came to the realization that this was not our 26 year old friend's apartment...
haha, it was hilarious. My mom barely made it to the bathroom, which ended up being in section E.
We then went out with Dre to ice cream and I met all these great new people from the church that I'll be getting to know this next year! Such amazing men and women of God. It was also our friend Jenna's birthday, she turned 21 and they went salsa dancing! I am so doing that when 21 comes around for me.

Day 2. I got up early to follow Andrea to Intern Prayer of City Church to see what it was like, since I'll be an intern next year.
I drove on Seattle's highways and traffic in the rain all by myself! I felt very accomplished.
Prayer=so great.
Pastor Jude spoke in intern classes that I sat in a couple for= SO amazing.
I love him! He's so kind, and wise. He talked about faith, and how some christians have more faith in their "faith" then Jesus Christ himself. That'll preach.
my friend introduced me to him and he said that I was "just stunning!" haha. Made my day to say the least.
We then went Portage Bay, my favorite breakfast place, where everything is Organic and fresh.
They have HUGE portions of wheat pancakes and french toast that tastes like a cinnamon roll, with a sides table full of fresh rasberries, strawberries, black berries, peaches, walnuts, whip cream. You name it.
We went to the U district and shopped on the ave at Buffalo Exchange and Urban. If you want cheap brand clothes, Buffalo is the place to go. I got H&M jeans, which are the best, for 12 dollars!
And Thats how it's done my friends.
Later that night, Cactus! This great mexican restaurant with the best salsa, Ever. Our waiter was hilarious. He went to UW, and told us a joke,
"What do the Cougars and Huskies have in common?
-They both applied to UW."
Then Ce fiore, this italian yogurt shop, that looks, and almost tastes EXACTLY like Shnoo.. The greatest yogurt you'll ever have.
I noticed that most of my blog is half about food..but all of it is well worth noting!
Anyways, they have shnoo here at Sweet Treats by Carmike if you've ever been in there.
It was a phony shnoo, but still. Not terrible.

Day 3. Went to kahili coffee. I love the coffee shops of Seattle. Then off to pick up my bro at UW, then to the Alderwood Mall.
SUCCESSFUL shopping, yes indeed. Urban and Forever 21. Then Macaroni Grill with My grandpa and his wife, with mom, brother, and abby. SO good. I always love their fresh bread with olive oil.
Then shnoo, the real kind! Then party at the bowling alley for my friend Arianne!
So many birthdays, so little time.
Abby and I didnt bowl...yea you might say lame, but 15 dollars per person, just to bowl?! Thats a little ridiculous if you ask me.
That's okay, they had blacklights and music bumping the whole time so we just danced and chilled while watching them play
Day 4. EASTER.
Got up and went too ZOKA coffee. I always love their coffee, its smooth, and if you want to try it you can go to Brulant by the gas station and Dairy Queen.
Went to the U district, the church campus by UW for college students to go to, and listened to Pastor Judah preach.
He's so great.
The message was "Dead for 4 days".
He talked about Lazarus being raised from the dead and how people might say things are over, but they are not over, until God says they're over.
4 days is the point where the decomposing of the body begins to show on the outside, for all the world to see.
It's the point where death is visible from the outside, and it is the point of no return.
Martha and Mary were passed the point of hope, and to the point of grieving and comforting.
Jesus waited for Lazarus to die. They told him to hurry quick, but he waited. He told them in the beginning of the story that this situation would bring glory to God.
Martha said, if only you came earlier Jesus. My brother might not have died.
But Jesus said, YOur brother is not dead.
And radical Jesus, went up to the tomb and called out upon Lazarus. People must've thought he was crazy, how dare he come later and call on a dead body of this family's brother/son? He'll make a mockery of them.
ANd out came Lazarus, all tied up in toilet paper.
FOr the things we call over, God calls to awaken.
To begin.
Dreams we might see as dead, God only sees as sleeping. So don't give up hope, for our Jesus is outside of time. He is. Not was, not will be, but always IS.
He is the eternal healing life today.
Now. Present tense. Always there.
Thank you Jesus for rising from the dead, thank you for defeating sin so that we can be with you, and thank you for having such a merciful heart and love for your people, who don't deserve a single glance from you.
How great truly you are.