Habakkuk 2:3

For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end fulfillment; it will not deceive or disappoint. Though it tarry, wait earnestly for it, because it will surely come; it will not be behindhand on its appointed day.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Drive and Ponder. Ponder and drive

So this morning as I was driving on the highway to school, a couple minutes fashionably late as usual, I began to think about driving..it was kind of funny because God was showing me something.
When you're in the car, and look to the side of you, you notice your surroundings, other cars, how fast things are passing, or how slow you're going. If you look for too long, you begin to drift from the correct lane you're in.
But if you keep your eyes on the road in front of you, you don't drift. You stay in the right lane you're suppose to be in. And I also noticed that you don't notice the speed as much. Yes, of course you can tell if you are going fast or slow, but you dont recognize it as much as if you were to look away.
This is a metaphor for life.
Our life with God. If I just keep my eyes on Him, on the path that he's set before me to run, I won't stray. I won't run into other things, and my life is to the fullest when my focus is on Him. The speed of life becomes less of a worry when my perspective is on my Jesus...
just a thought.

Another thought He brought to me... this always happens when I'm driving.
I guess that's the best time for Him to show me things to ponder on.
A love song came on my Ipod and I began to think about people, love, and God.
We, as people, long for someone to love us. IT's just how we were created.
God's put that desire inside of our very beings.
And I was thinking how we long for that one person to love us, think the world of us. That one being to fill us with that love.
And when we find them, it's like we have to share it with everyone. We think it's the most amazing thing, that we've found this one person that finds us so incredible and special.
One person for you, and you for that one person.
We find it amazing.
But then I began to think of God and how he loves us this way. And how His love is undconditional.
It's always there to be poured out on us.
Yet, we don't find this as amazing as the one for one person love. How silly this world is!
How much more incredible should we find that God's love is unconditional, always faithful and true, and never ending!
This love is One for all. God loves everyone with a passion.
His love is for the multiples, yet not necessarily the multiples for Him..
I think we take His love for granted because it's always readily there. We can walk away, not think about Him, and He's still there. Where as a one person's love might not always be there.
We cherish the temporary more than the eternal.
I want to start treating God's love as if He were the only being that could ever love me, and I'm the only one that could love Him.
In a way, He is the only one that truly can.
Just something to think about...

"Your love has no limit at all
Your love has no limit at all
It has no limit, at all

You don't treat me like I deserve
You don't crush me with a heavy hand
You don't leave me alone in this world

And you know how I was formed
When the wind blows I'll be gone
Like a flower after winter storm

Your love has no limit at all
Your love has no limit at all"

-Enter the Worship Circle

(they're amazing bee tea double you)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Road Trip.

That's the brilliant thing about private schools. You get the whole school cancelled when your basketball team makes it to state.
Lucky I know.
Therefore, it was time for my dear best friend and I to head out on our first official road trip together, on our own this time.
Full tank of gas- check.
Snacks- check.
GPS (aka sally)-check.
two super stoked girls to get on the road?
check and check.

And so we were Off to Spokane to see our team's play some basketball...(Insert song "we're playing BA. SKET. Baall.." here.)
Sally helped guide us along the way, though at times we unplugged her..
But nonetheless we made it!
Saw first girls' game, then had tons of time to kill, since the boys' game was at NINE at night...
SO. What to do, what to do. What a silly question to ask.
Shopping was in order. We hunted good finds at Nordstrom rack, then relaxed our exhausted feet by sitting in Barnes and Nobles. Who would've thought that hours upon hours of shopping could be exhausting?
We then head out in search for a lovely church service to wake us up before the game later.
Coffee helped, yes, but some worship and preaching most definitely topped it off.
Boys won. YES.
made spiffy spirit tees at 2 in the morning.
goodnight world.

Thursday morning. Got ready, went to the arena to cheer our girls on; sadly they lost their 2nd game, but they are still such great players. They have more heart and spirit than most. Then we drove around spokane, looking for a park..which didn't exactly happen, but we DID find a Forever 21.
and let me tell you, if you're the kind of person who is overwhelmed easily, please bring a guide and paper bag with you while entering Forever.
So many options, it's like where do I start?
Successful shopping-check.
Abigail had never eaten at Pita Pit before, and that's like saying Michael phelps had never been in a pool before.
She's a healthy eater, so Pita was right up her alley. Suffice to say, she loved it.
Successful luncheon-check.
More time to kill, so we took out our guns, and shot it down by going to World's market, this cute store with items from INdia, to foods from Korea, with cute little trinkets gallore.
TIM TAMS. the best invention of a cookie. This Australian chocolate cookie, that you take a bite out of from both ends, then sip hot chocolate into it. It then melts the entire cookie right into your mouth. Heaven will have these.
Then abby and I slowly made our way to Barnes and Noble. where we...read. sat. giggled. drank hot cocoa and tim tams. Then fell asleep on the couches.
We then tried slapping ourselves to wake us up for the game that was ALSO at nine. Ridiculous.
But we finally made it.
I made a new friend that continued to take pictures of me with his fake camera, then persistently turned around to stare at me.
(he was a 5 year old little boy)
He'll make a great paparazzi someday.

Then we made our way back home today.
Lovely Fun filled weekend.
Good Friends are the sun to my shine.

Next on my list, Seattle.